Tag: RAY BAN aviator sunglasses

June 23, 2016

It’s been about 90 years after two rival shoemakers stood face-to-face arguing about who could make it better. Soon, Ernie Goodwin and Walter Smith found that they shared the same ideas and decided to join forces. Long story short, that’s how GOODWIN SMITH was founded. This MARBS NAVY leather shoes has a unique color which is […]

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oversized blue shirt outfit of Denver fashion blogger
October 4, 2015

Simple but yet super versatile this oversized blue shirt outfit is desired by many women. It’s a long time question where to find simple and stylish looking shirt outfit for a daily wear, that will fit for both work and leisure. Well.. there you go! Lately I’m constantly traveling and having something practical and trendy […]

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striped outfit ideas with trendy orange asos espadrilles
August 31, 2015

This morning starts with a glass of carrot juice and I wanted trendy orange color in my today’s outfit. When in a hurry, I usually choose something striped. Stripes are easy to style, because they can always be combined with something solid, that matches the color of one of them. Usually all striped outfit ideas […]

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