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Miami fashion blogger Tanya Litkovska in green self portrait dress & Gucci Marmont bag
February 22, 2018

Today I’m on a mission. It’s hard and requires lots of effort and big devotion. This mission is to find a nice looking neighborhood in here, in South Florida. Neighborhood, that doesn’t look like one where Fred Flintstone lived, that has a nice scenery and just feels good to be at. As a Miami fashion […]

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Miami street style long white cardigan outfit gucci marmont bag
February 14, 2018

Miami street style fashion is very dependent on the weather. As you can understand it’s almost always hot, but thats ok. What actually is a real pain in a ass, is humidity. It can literally destroy all your plans and style ideas in minutes. While it’s February and humidity is low, I took this opportunity […]

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Miami fashion bloggers style basic white shirt outfit
February 12, 2018

Hey guys, today I want to talk a little about basic white shirt outfit. I think this item should be present in every fashionista wardrobe. And especially in all Miami fashion bloggers closets! Basic white shirt outfit is a truly timeless look, that can be styled with denim, or just right pair of pants. Besides, […]

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miami fashion bloggers amur dresses amur valeria gown
February 6, 2018

One more sunny post from a sunny Palm Beach! Lots of tourists and local Miami fashion bloggers love to drive here to feel the charm of this place. I’m continuing to explore Palm Beach areas as well and every time it inspires me more and more. I found a cozy Italian restaurant where we had […]

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gucci papier hat talulah dress tanya litkovska
February 2, 2018

Civil Dusk or as more common to say sunset time is my favorite part of the day when it comes to emotional pictures. After 4pm in winter times there are some special light anomalies and even magical feeling in the air that helps  me to add a little vintage to the shooting. Miami bloggers and Palm […]

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the marker san francisco
January 26, 2018

Approaching the long awaited Bay Area and San Francisco city in particular was very exiting! We lived here for almost a year and nostalgia was definitely present when curvy green highway roads finally transformed to a straight lined El Camino Real. Hard to express how driving trough Palo Alto neighborhood and walking along the best […]

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