San francisco bloggers Backpack outfit SF bloggers
September 6, 2015

My recent backpack collection just got bigger and I’m preparing my travel wardrobe to the upcoming San Francisco Bloggers meet-up. It’s a long and a bit exhausting six hour flight, but the level of euphoria that I already have  prior the upcoming West Coast trip is a much stronger motivator. Traveling back to California is […]

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Miami fashion bloggers wears statement accessories in fuchsia outfit / striped shorts outfit
September 3, 2015

Today’s post is about everyday essentials, that all Miami fashion bloggers do wear and have in their secret part of wardrobe. Im talking about solid and comfy backpack, that will fit all your mandatory belongings and some cool looking jewelry, that will make your look complete. Because no matter the occasion, statement accessories are always […]

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striped outfit ideas with trendy orange asos espadrilles
August 31, 2015

This morning starts with a glass of carrot juice and I wanted trendy orange color in my today’s outfit. When in a hurry, I usually choose something striped. Stripes are easy to style, because they can always be combined with something solid, that matches the color of one of them. Usually all striped outfit ideas […]

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How Miami fashion bloggers and Palm beach bloggers style Michael Kors crossbody bag outfit
August 29, 2015

In Miami you rarely wear smth up, but today is the day before a coming storm. My stylish Michael Kors crossbody bag outfit has one protective layer, my denim jacket. Most of Miami fashion bloggers moved deeper inland or visit their Palm Beach bloggers friends. But I’m staying here and waiting for the storm to […]

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