tanya litkovska
December 14, 2017

Continuing the Art mission in Miami by spreading the word about visual arts experience in South Florida I visited Coral Springs Museum of Art. It’s my second visit to such cultural institution, previously I’ve already attended Coral Gables Art Museum and where told about Denman Fink Exhibition. This time my story will be about Judi […]

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December 13, 2017

For those ones who’s not familiar with this brand, meet Pampeano, luxury lifestyle brand that creates leather accessories for home, polo game and your everyday routine. I’ve shown you guys Pampeano leather belts in one of my previous stories here. Made by South America’s artisans, each accessory is truly unique piece of the traditional art […]

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tanya litkovska foster harris house
November 19, 2017

Concrete jungles of Washington D.C. finally released us from their urban magical spell and we entered Virginia State. “Virginia is for Lovers”, thats the official State slogan, but after first hundred miles drove down this natural beauty land, I would add Virginia is for Life and Nature Lovers! Read more about our Love experience with […]

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