Ukrainian-Polish blogger Tanya Litkovska has a long and stable connection with the world of style. Her love story with fashion industry started back in 2014, while still living in Ukraine she founded KievFashionPeople, first Ukrainian digital magazine about fashion, food, exhibitions and upcoming events. It gave her great opportunity to be around designers, artists, musicians and other interesting like-minded personalities. After relocating to United States starting a HIDEMYCOAT blog and becoming an American blogger was a no-brainer to her and funny incident that happened a while ago in Sicily, helped to come up with the name HIDEMYCOAT blog.

…Once upon a time in Lipari 😉 she lost her leather jacket. To finish her outfit she had to look for something else and just in 20 minutes bought this coat. To cheer her up, friends decided to make a joke and hide her newly purchased coat…

Nowadays, HIDEMYCOAT blog gives Tanya Litkovska great opportunity to share her rural luxury style and Sicilian inspired looks with her audience, show new outfits, highlight interesting events and frequent travels, that she adore.

Fashion and Lifestyle HIDEMYCOAT Blog by Tanya Litkovska

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