Smithbilt hats, Dior Lady Dior bag and Emilio Cavallini tights in in aristocratic look by Tanya Litkovska


My calm patience is running out and I feel myself very exhausted without something beautiful and aesthetically pleasing around me. For the last year or so I’m surrounded by shorts and flip-flops no matter where I look. And thats the sad reality that one has to accept when decided to live in a hot,  tropical climate. Please don’t get me wrong, we ARE here because of the weather, because we wanted to live in warm. What I didn’t expect is how ignorant people are about their look and visual self expression here. And today a fashion rebel inside of me couldn’t take it anymore. It decides that it’s time to destroy the burdens of 24/7 leggings and sneakers, oversized tees and sagging pants! Lets, at least for a day, feel ourselves better and prettier. By doing so, we will see how world around us is changing to a better too. To achieve this not an easy task, I’ve prepared several very special helpers. Each of them radiates happiness, upscale level of self expression and actually is a stand alone fashion icon by itself. Please welcome my contemporary variation of a noble and aristocratic look, featuring Smithbilt hats, Emilio Cavallini tights and a timeless Dior Lady Dior bag, in gorgeous pink color. Wearing my C/MEO Collective coat as a dress, added more spring style feel to my look. Enjoy!

Tanya Litkovska showing aristocratic look featuring Smithbilt hats, Dior Lady Dior bag and Emilio Cavallini tights


Since I remember myself experimenting with my personal wardrobe, I was always trying to look a bit different then the rest of my friends. And of course not in a weird or foolish way by coloring hair in green or wearing absurd looking stuff, no! I’m saying about small details in a regular daily outfit, that helped it get more aristocratic look.

Being a teenager I couldn’t afford myself having things like Dior Lady Dior bag, or one of Smithbilt hats for example. But still, I did everything I could to add small upscale touches to my everyday wardrobe essentials of that time. And what is even more important, I had a very specific list of items not to wear and include in my aristocratic look of that time.

Becoming older, my feeling of taste evolved and became more sophisticated. And those who sometimes didn’t understand and considered some of my accessories or wardrobe item as funny, started to ask me for a personal look advice. I knew I was moving in a right direction. Another beautiful thing is that I love what I do, it makes me happy. And when my ideas of aristocratic look can be found as useful by others, it will fulfill my another dream, helping people change to better.

Smithbilt hats, Dior Lady Dior bag and Emilio Cavallini tights in in aristocratic look by Tanya Litkovska


My today’s aristocratic look is full of glorious and very special items. Each of them deserves special attention. Of course when looking at the pictures of this photoshoot first thing you notice is my beautiful Merrime hat, by Smithbilt hats. World known company with over a century of experience, started its way as mostly dress hats with small brims manufacturer.

Smithbilt hats and Dior Lady Dior bag in in aristocratic look by Tanya Litkovska

That hat styles of that time had been vastly popular in the East and in Europe. Located in Calgary, Canada Smithbilt hats began a co-operative effort with local businessmen and new products of western style was born. The most well known creation is the White Hat, the icon that has come to symbolize the traditions and hospitality of Calgary and all over the world. But as a woman and a person with European roots and tastes I obviously got inspired by one of Holly Allen creations.

Tanya Litkovska showing aristocratic look featuring Smithbilt hats and Dior Lady Dior bag

I personally find her millinery very interesting and a must have essential in wardrobe of a fashion forward women. Also, Merrime hat worked really great with my long-loved Marion Parke sandals. You can find more posts about them here. Another interesting fact to know, Smithbilt hats has a long and very well established ties with movie industry. Their iconic hats are present in many films from iMDB top list.


Being known as a design innovator, Emilio Cavallini launched his successful label over forty years ago. His passion for art and fashion is recognized in every pair of his iconic Emilio Cavallini tights. For consecutive four decades women enlivening their legs in eye-opening legwear applauding his unprecedented design innovation. As a legwear “lawmaker”, Emilio Cavallini tights creations are featured in all top fashion magazines and international editorials. And starting from today, also on white online pages of HIDEMYCOAT fashion blog as well! Emilio Cavallini tights are another bold fashion statement made for for women who are not afraid to be noticed. My bold

Emilio Cavallini tights and Dior Lady Dior bag in aristocratic look post by blogger Tanya Litkovska Smithbilt hats, Dior Lady Dior bag and Emilio Cavallini tights in in aristocratic look by Tanya Litkovska


Last but not least in today’s aristocratic look overdose I’m happy to show you one of the few timeless pieces present in current day’s bag world.  My Dior Lady Dior bag is in Hot Pink color, as I’ve found it very appealing. Also, this Hot Pink contrastingly matches my pastel white tones of the rest of my aristocratic look outfit. The unprecedented level of craftsmanship and attention to detail, makes this Dior Lady Dior bag a desired item in fashionista wardrobes all over the world. The iconic, instantly recognizable silhouette was inspired by couture and was first made back in 1994. Being a Dior’s flagship bag, this Dior Lady Dior bag is the symbol of pure elegance and refinement. I myself found it as one of the most iconic accessories, especially when multiplied with gorgeous Hot Pink color. True Dior name masterpiece!

Dior Lady Dior bag in in aristocratic look by Tanya Litkovska Smithbilt hats and Dior Lady Dior bag in in aristocratic look by Tanya Litkovska

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