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If you got tired of Miami with its constant constructions, noise and dirt you probably want to transfer yourself in a more upscale environment. And for that you don’t have to travel to Monaco (though you might), just visit Palm Beach and feel its upscale charm. This gorgeous South Florida town is a true benchmark of success and refinement. While density of plush and pomposity is very high, prestigious Palm Beach life like a strong magnet attracts visitors to experience it at its fullest.


Just an hour drive separates Palm Beach from Miami, but this distance is just a drop in the ocean when compared the two. Clean streets with colorful flowers and tropical trees provide you soft and shady shelter on a hot summer day. Palm beach is South Florida most upscale and luxurious destination, with its pristine beaches, glitzy villas, galleries and boutiques. Walking on a Worth Avenue, I bought myself thinking that if fashion brands had their own capital somewhere on the map, without a doubt it would be in Palm Beach. Everyday events held in a most luxurious hotels open doors to the world of charity and prosperity. Fancy cars here and there almost conquering each other who’s more unique and rare. Palm Beach has its own charm, upscale charm.


Here I want you to meet HANEY. Los Angeles based label was launched in 2013 by celebrity stylist and fashion editor Mary Alice Haney, who worked for Harper’s Bazaar, Allure, GQ and Marie Claire. Her celebrity client list includes Eva Mendes, Jennifer Lawrence, Reese Witherspoon, Heidi Klum, Karolina Kurkova and many more.

This goldish HANEY dress caught my eye by its classy silhouette and gorgeous mix between ready-to-wear and high fashion. This limited-edition collection is no longer available to shop, but you can click on ’shop the post’ section to explore other dresses from HANEY.


If asked to describe it using one single word, this word would be different. Palm Beach life is different. Seems like people here live and spend their time in a different, more relaxed and enjoyable way. And time itself goes more slowly. There’s no rush, no traffic, everyone just enjoying the moment. Palm beach life is all about quality, services and good vibes. I’ll give you an example. Local Publix supermarket has a valet parking, can you believe that?! Sounds crazy, but it’s true ). Bottom line, nice mix of good weather, beach ocean front living and wealthy retired people. That what’s make a Palm Beach life different. But I must admit, different in a better way.

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