Christian Siriano Perfume Silhouette in Bloom


When young fashion designer Christian Siriano introduced his first perfume back in 2014 it was warmly welcomed for its brave composition of  grapefruit, black currant, apple, woody tones and oak moss. This year we are happy to get a new and updated version of Christian Siriano perfume. This well-rounded, sophisticated and elegant scent is called Silhouette in Bloom.

Christian Siriano perfume Silhouette in Bloom | Tanya Litkovska


Cheers to a new Christian Siriano perfume debut. Wonderful and logical sequel composition with a soft and slightly sweet scent. The Christian Siriano perfume line itself is distinguished by a flowery citrus mix. It was created to celebrate women from all walks of life and as designer himself is saying, “we wanted the fragrance to feel like it could be for every woman”. Quite a statement, right? If you prefer a fruity and floral notes and enjoy mix of woody and citrusy flavor in the scent, Christian Siriano perfume line can be one of your choice.

Christian Siriano perfume Silhouette in Bloom | Tanya Litkovska


I’m still debating with myself on this one. I’m always trying to deliver honest and straightforward opinion on items I write about. But this one is really hard to solve.. Silhouette in Bloom is kinda mystery perfume to me, with mixed emotions and unpredictable verdict. Depending on a day, weather and even change in mood, the decision is always different. At first, Silhouette in Bloom has a fruit opening with some tonka bean and orange at first. In the next 15 minutes it kicks with sugary and sweet tones that last for about and hour. Later, goes woody notes with some bitterness and sweetness. It’s always different, it’s always changing. To me, Silhouette in Bloom is a edge balance between woodsy and sweet. I would describe it as spicy in general, but spicy with extra sweet touch.

Christian Siriano perfume Silhouette in Bloom | Tanya Litkovska in vintage dress outfit

Christian Siriano perfume Silhouette in Bloom | Tanya Litkovska Christian Siriano perfume Silhouette in Bloom

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