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Back in 2014 when visiting Basel and being at the train station I caught myself thinking how readable and clear-designed is the station’s watch. That was my first acquaintance with Mondaine watch and with their simple but, yet unmistakably readable design. To be the Official Swiss Railways watch with that iconic red paddle-shaped second hand – that is already something very honorable and precise! Mondaine watches proudly embodies these two elements and what we have as the result we have great whist companions adored  by millions fo their uncompromising authenticity and recognizable design!

Mondaine watch tanya litkovska Mondaine watch


Today I want to tell and show you guys one of the latest Mondaine watches collection called Essence. Built with sustainable materials, it is not only stylish but also eco-friendly. Nowadays it is very important to care and think about the environment and about the world we live in and I’m very glad that such big companies like Mondaine do such things. Great example to others! This watch is developed using renewable materials for its case and natural rubber for the strap. By the way this strap is one of the most comfy and easy feel I have ever had! Also this model goes with a nice pouch, which has also is super eco friendliness – i’s made from PET bottles, how cool it that!

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Several words regarding this super important wrist watches factor, that most contemporary watch companies somehow not paying much attention to, readability. Yes, readability! Doesn’t matter how good or expensive your watch is, has in in-house movement or using ETA and even tourbillon wouldn’t help, if you just can’t read your dial. Its simple as that. But not with Mondaine, I was making this photoshoot in Miami and it was a very bright and sunny day, as a most of them. And let me tell you, no matter the angle, no matter how sunny and bright the conditions are, you always can read your dial here. Bottom line, I’m very pleased with this model and wear it daily for a several weeks now. They become a nice addition to my collection!

Mondaine watch tanya litkovska Mondaine watch Mondaine watch tanya litkovska Mondaine watch Mondaine watch tanya litkovska Mondaine watch Mondaine watch

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