weekend in seattle


Seattle was our desired destination for quite a long time. I always heard only good things about this green and immaculately clean Pacific Northwest city, but due to its distant location never had a chance to visit it. This time thanks to our West Coast Tour I proudly can state that my dream came true! Just 14 hours of super picturesque road driving form San Francisco and we are in Seattle! Our weekend in Seattle started with beautiful historic Hotel Sorrento, which is located in the heart of First Hill, great historic neighborhood. Like in every dream, we were lucky to have a sunny and almost warm for a January month weather and had a chance to see and feel most of the Seattle’s best.

weekend in seattle


When choosing accommodation for our upcoming stay, I’m always trying to pick a place with a nice back story, history and colorful facts. By doing that I get a pleasant and memorable stay, full of interesting details. Hotel Sorrento (book here) was on top of my list thanks to its ideal location, gorgeous interiors and famous large patio on the ground floor of the hotel. My personal fav was the grand green tiled fireplace! Newspaper with cup of coffee in the morning or movie in the evening, no matter the occasion the “Fireside room” is always in the center of attention.

hotel sorrento hotel sorrento hotel sorrento hotel sorrento

We decided to stay at suite room which was very roomy and bright, thanks to the big corner windows. Actually thanks to them we had almost landscape view of the city! Comfortable bed is another one perk that Hotel Sorrento includes in every stay, it helped us relax after a long day of exploring the city. But true jewel of Hotel Sorrento is its personnel. Everyone we’ve met, spoke to or just asked something briefly was very polite, honestly smiling and supportive. It was the Hotel Sorrento stuff, who created such a warm and cosy atmosphere and made our short stay really memorable! And I’m really happy with my choice and glad that we’ve stayed at Hotel Sorento, where it feels like home and you want to recommend this place to your friends!

hotel sorrento hotel sorrento hotel sorrento hotel sorrento hotel sorrento


City is very walkable and we’ve used car only once when traveled out of its limits for some distant shoots of harbour and mountains. Most of the places were very conveniently located right around our hotel, so our weekend in Seattle started from Pike Place Market, where we tasted delicious and fresh salmon with scallops and had a nice walk. After a short branch break we continued our weekend in Seattle by exploring the harbour and its many piers, 66.. 55.. . Space Needle was the only thing I was curious to see just to feel and see how big it is compared to CN tower in Toronto, that we saw while on our East Coast Tour. Well, I can say its at least two times shorter,  but still long ). At the end of the day we just enjoyed spending time at the small Denny Park and watched the german shepherd playful training session. Already decided, that the next time, our next weekend in Seattle will start from Sculpture and Japanese Gardens and maybe will take a  look at Fremont troll )

weekend in seattle weekend in seattle weekend in seattle weekend in seattle weekend in seattle weekend in seattle weekend in seattle

weekend in seattle weekend in seattle


Air. It’s a first thing you notice. Washington State has very crisp and clean air. And it is really one of the Seattle’s best advantages. We travelled here from California so believe me, I know the difference, it is huge! Food. Super fresh seafood and local produce. I’m very picky when it comes to food. Another point to the Seattle’s best score. Tastiest apples, cider (OMG! what a cider..), salmon and many other stuff are all available all year round. Nature. Well, this is big one! Like an invisible curtain it’s everywhere around you, feels like you can touch it. Forests, lakes, trails, mountains are all Seattle’s best treasures and are pristine. People. Last but not least, very nice experience with 100% pleasant emotions. And I believe this last won the Seattle’s best award!

seattle’s best seattle’s best

seattle’s best

seattle’s best seattle’s best seattle’s best seattle’s best seattle’s best seattle’s best seattle’s best

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