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Approaching the long awaited Bay Area and San Francisco city in particular was very exiting! We lived here for almost a year and nostalgia was definitely present when curvy green highway roads finally transformed to a straight lined El Camino Real. Hard to express how driving trough Palo Alto neighborhood and walking along the best campus in US at Stanford University was heart touching. And descending the city hills brought so much memories and reminds again that Chinatown San Francisco is just the best and most authentic one out there. To make our weekend more memorable, this time we decided to stay at The Marker San Francisco Hotel, which is located in the heart of downtown. And as always a small bonus for you guys, I’m sharing the sushi location which is a holy grail of all Bay Area, called Amami Sushi and some cool shots from the spotted retro VW Vanagon Meetup (VW Transporter which is far more familiar).

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No matter how many times you’ve been here before it’s calling you back and sweet memories about this free and different city pops up here and there. Different, is so active and well fitted word when describing San Francisco. Out of all West Coast to my humble opinion, it’s the brightest and most expressive city. It has everything you can dream of and it can give you even more if you just ask it the right way. Weather is nicer, sun is warmer and smiles are wider. See, its different! Somehow you fell yourself just in the right place to be, right here and right now. As any big and major spot on US map (especially Pacific side) it has its downfalls, but show me one without them, I dare you!

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Some say that you can judge the city diversity by its Chinatown. Not sure who’s line it is, but here in San Fran it totally makes sense! Chinatown San Francisco is a unique and standalone place, that deserves a full chapter. It’s big, wide and long, you can actually get lost there (intentionally of course) which makes your exploring experience even more extreme, in a good way. So it’s not surprising that Chinatown San Francisco is one of the oldest and most established Chinatowns in the whole U.S. Iconic Dragon’s Gate welcomes you inside and atmosphere of busy authentic Chinatown life literally “swallows” you. Love this feeling..

chinatown san francisco chinatown san francisco chinatown san francisco san francisco tanya litkovska san francisco san francisco


I remember spending in this campus almost half of all our weekends while lived in San Fran. Without a doubt area of Stanford University is one of the nicest to spend a weekend day walking, having some small picnic on a green loan, read or just take a nap under pine branches shade. In my several previous posts I’ve already showed you guys the “competition” like Princeton, Yale, but campus of Stanford University is far better, more welcoming. And Ivy League can refer to academic excellence and social elitism, which is a very questionable argument, but Stanford University is just better, more humane.

Stanford University Stanford University Stanford University Stanford University


If you are looking for the hotel that can express the true city feel and create magical Cali vibe around your stay, The Marker San Francisco is exactly that kind of hotel. Location of this luxury boutique is top notch and super convenient for the city exploration. Updated rooms shares modern comfort and surrounds you in quintessential luxury, while true historic feel of The Marker San Francisco lobby reminds you of 1910’ times and Beaux-Arts style. Guests are welcomed with high-speed Wi-Fi (tested, it’s really fast!) and gourmet & organic treats. My personal “wow” area inside of The Marker San Francisco was beautiful two-story lobby, with its huge and massive inglenook fireplace! In addition, when you look up you’ll see the ceiling is nicely decorated and follows the hotels art theme. Bottomline, very pleasant experience!

the marker san francisco the marker san francisco the marker san francisco the marker san francisco the marker san francisco the marker san francisco the marker san francisco the marker san francisco the marker san francisco the marker san francisco the marker san francisco the marker san francisco the marker san francisco the marker san francisco the marker san francisco


Technically, it’s not a San Francisco location, as Amami Sushi are Located in San Bruno, right on mentioned above El Camino Real. But it doesn’t change a thing – they are the best sushi spot in all Bay area, period. Fish is always super fresh and everything served in Japanese authentic way. You will not find here rolls covered in mayo, which is just disgusting, or resin-like tasteless fish, sadly so common to the majority of other regular sushi spots. Amami Sushi is different and long waiting line of mostly asian people outside gives you strong proof of quality and authenticity. Chef Alan is a true skilled magician, who’s nigiri and Omakase are just out of this world. Amami Sushi is a must visit place!

amami sushi amami sushi amami sushi


At the end of our stay in San Francisco we decided to drive down to the Golden Gate Park beach. Not only we had a great walk and enjoyed the chilly breeze, but also felt the peace of the 70’s by visiting the VW Vanagon meetup. This gatherings are annual and I believe are held regularly four times a year in four different locations, luckily San Francisco was one of them. VW Vanagon is actually a North American name for the world known VW Transporter model. For several decades this model is impersonating travel, van life and free spirit living. Models presented here are mostly transformed to a campers and or light off-road variations, which looks beefy and cool. I read that VAG concern has plans to revitalize this model. Hope soon we can see new gen of VW Vanagon driving the roads.

vw vanagon vw vanagon vw vanagon vw vanagon san francisco

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