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This post is like good movie. It has a bit of everything, form little sadness that our East Coast Tour ended, to great joy for future and upcoming new achievements! North Carolina greeted us with great weather, smiling people and its famous Southern hospitality. And of course we saved the best for last – The Duke Mansion! This is one of the most historically significant place in Charlotte and one of the top locations to visit and stay in North Carolina in general,  that became one our favorite as well. // by Tanya Litkovska

duke mansion


We all heard about great Southern hospitality, but today I want to bring to your attention Southern elegance and charm here. Duke Mansion is a proud representative of both and is deservedly recognized and awarded hotel. Previously built as a private residence, Duke Mansion brings to its guests 20 gorgeous and elegantly furnished rooms, that differentiate this place from the rest. The interior of this 30.000 square feet property breathes with plush decor elements and sophisticated details like black-and-white checkered floors. // HIDEMYCOAT blog by Tanya Litkovska

duke mansion duke mansion tanya litkovska duke mansion duke mansion tanya litkovska duke mansion

We stayed in the most luxurious room from all, called the Dowd Suite. It was located on a second floor and had a great view from a wooden deck to the green garden. One more thing worth mentioning is super spacious bathroom with Roman spa tub – best way to relax after a long day..

duke mansion duke mansion duke mansion duke mansion duke mansion duke mansion

Morning the next day started with fresh coffee and warm ray of sunlight invited me outside. Sometimes, a moment is more valuable, than eternity. That was exactly that moment… After breakfast we went to explore the outside 4.5 acres area and this is the second time where Duke Mansion stands out. For a minute, I had a feeling that we entered the Gardens of Babylon – so generously and skillfully the area is  decorated with different flowers, like magnolias, and trees, like tulip poplars and cherry laurels. Tiny walking paths walk you trough the green abundance to a big plain loan, with a majestic property view. I will remember this placer as one of the most friendliest and welcoming, it really felt like home!

tanya litkovska duke mansion duke mansion duke mansion duke mansion duke mansion duke mansion duke mansion duke mansion duke mansion

duke mansion


City of Charlotte was a final destination on our list from all the East Coast Tour and it did not disappoint.  The biggest city of North Carolina shares walkable downtown with nice architectural elements. Tiny suburban surrounding streets peacefully merged to a downtown avenues and feeling of a constant spring follows you everywhere – lots of trees and greens! East Coast Tour was our first pilot project, created solely on our own creativity and blind belief in success. We visited 2 countries, 18 States and 27 cities. But what is more important we shared with you this true feel of so many different places, cultures and people on our way. To us, thats the biggest asset from all. Stay tuned, more to come! // HIDEMYCOAT blog by Tanya Litkovska

east coast tour east coast tour east coast tour tanya litkovska east coast tour east coast tour

Mr. Lemono

Mr. Lemono ended was as excited, as a green young lemon plant can possibly be. I can not be 100% sure, but it is plausible that he is the only plant in States, that traveled that long, seen that much and been taking care of that patiently. And he knows and feels that for sure!

tanya litkovska duke mansion

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