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We left Montreal early morning and started our 12 hours long way to Halifax, Nova Scotia. After entering the New Brunswick province, which is Canada’s Maritime one of the eastern ones, all signs finally changed back to English and things became easier for us )). I hardly can describe how beautiful Canada is, especially its Eastern part. Super scenic views are almost everywhere and nature with all its might and purity seems to be untouched. It’s very close to the Ukraine’s nature in some of its Western parts, and so even more close and beautiful to me. Please enjoy the photos and the post about Halifax Harbour, amazing waterfront area, Halifax Farmers Market, where all your favorite organics are, Halifax Public Gardens Park, super nice and green-rich place you can spend a day at. And, of course, Moore Suites – the best and smartest accommodation option in Halifax. If today someone told me that I have to relocate to Canada and can pick a place, without a doubt it would be Halifax, Nova Scotia – city you want to live in!


We arrived at Halifax late evening, but had a chance to have a short walk. Night time downtown is very peaceful and honestly, we enjoyed it a lot! All the cafes and restaurants were open, couples walking on the streets, music playing, everything gives you understanding, that city is alive. We felt like Halifax is the right place for us, it is the city you want to live in.


The next day we went exploring the waterfront part of the city, which is Halifax Harbour. An hour long walking promenade with a majestic views and local attractions. Such a nice place to be and to spend time, especially considering great sunny weather that accompanied us that day. The Halifax Harbour has a very clear water and you literally can see through it for at least 3-5 meters. All old school boats and vessels that are safely taking a nap are tidy and elegant looking. We saw a regatta going on and no matter who was the winner, the competition itself looked great. In a distance, you can see a Georges Island, that has a historic site with a fortress and lighthouse. Lots of cafes and local restaurants offering different snacks and treats, but we’ve skipped them all and for a good reason – the Halifax Farmers Market! Halifax has proved that it’s city you want to live in.


Walking along the Halifax Harbour, we found another great place, especially for us, called Halifax Farmers Market. This place was like Eden for us, as it was full with our beloved organic vegetables, fruits, berries, greens, raw honey… For the last five days we didn’t have a chance to find something even close to this, in both Toronto and Montreal. Local growers from all Nova Scotia can be found here, at Halifax Farmers Market with their goods and produce. Everything is natural and smells amazing, the way it actually should be! Listen to this, for the last three! years in States, it was my first time I had a chance to buy and eat fresh plum. Real plum, that does smell like a plum. Later, we’ve made a salad from tomatoes, red pepper, hot pepper, onions, and olive oil. The smell was all around the apartment. The smell of organic, natural, fresh and real fresh tomatoes.. Also, Halifax Farmers Market is a place for a local craftsmen and artisans where they present their skillfully made items. Second time Halifax has proved that it’s city you want to live in.


Later afternoon we went to the downtown Halifax and entered the Halifax Public Gardens Park. This beautifully landscaped gardens are Victorian era public gardens that were formally established in 1867. How cool is that! In front of the entrance we’ve met a very talented guy, who makes ground art. We’d chat a bit about The Force and about the nonsense how on Earth Batman, who still is a human can compete with Superman?! Nonsense, right )) Lots of flowers, trees and fountains are surrounded by upper and lower bridges, statues and ponds. And don’t feed the goofy ducks. First, the administration is asking not to, second, if you do )) they will follow us all the way! Halifax Public Gardens Park is a true Victorian fashion masterpiece and is a must see place for sure. For the third time Halifax has proved that it’s city you want to live in.


Halifax is the city, where you feel yourself like home. It truly gives you that kinda feeling. And if you really want to experience it at 100%, skip the boring hotels, try the Moore Suites! Listen to this, you have a two bedroom, modern decorated and fully furnished apartment in the heart of downtown. And with assigned underground parking space! What can possibly be better than that? Our Moore Suites apartment was very spacious, immaculately clean and had a huge balcony. After such an eventful day it was a real blessing to have a change enjoy our time on a spacious balcony and see the sunset reflections. And no matter you are traveling for business or just having a vocation, Moore Suites will exceed your comfort and convenience expectations in many ways. Moore Suites has a slogan “Those who know how to live, know where to live”, and I can’t agree more! And, again, Halifax has proved that it’s city you want to live in.


Our travel companion begged us to stay longer and spend couple extra days in Halifax. He loved salty, warm wind and seagulls noise, enjoyed the quiet and peaceful city atmosphere. We agreed to come back here one day with a longer stay, but for now we’re moving on, exploring beautiful Nova Scotia!

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