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When you ask someone, especially someone from outside the United States, about the places worth visiting in the USA, chances are, the most common answers will be California, New York, Florida, etc. The likes of Ohio are not exactly unknown, but also not exactly among the most prominent destinations in the USA. Yet, when someone is exploring the country by car, they will probably pass through the Midwestern State of Ohio at some point. It would indeed be a shame to waste this time just passing through without giving the Buckeye State a chance to let you have a great time.

So on our way from Kentucky, we crossed a State Line with the State of Ohio, peaceful and pleasant place you definitely have to consider visiting. Our road leads exactly trough all its three biggest cities Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland. The most part of our Ohio’s visit was in Columbus, in a bold Hotel LeVeque, Autograph Collection. I will tell you more about it in my next post soon, really a unique place to stay and actually one of a kind, because it’s an Autograph Collection. We decided to visit all three cities in the first day, so I will tell in a few words about each of them and surrounding attractions.


Cincinnati was the first city we were driving trough. As you enter the State from the southwest, you will most probably go through Covington, Kentucky, and cross the Ohio River via one of the bridges connecting Covington and Cincinnati. While they are all fine bridges, only one of them is special – the famous John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge. The bridge has been opened to the general public as long ago as in 1866, and at the time of its opening, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world with the overall length of 1,057 feet!
Its primary goal was to connect the venues hosting sports and other events in Cincinnati (Great American Ball Park, Paul Brown Stadium, the US Bank Arena, etc.) with the cheaper and more available hotels, restaurants, and parking lots on the other bank of the Ohio river. The bridge was designed for the public transportation use, so – aside from being a site to see on its own – it takes you directly to the city center.


After leaving Cincinnati and moving on the northeast, we got to the City of Columbus in the center of Ohio. This is the biggest city from all three, with population slightly over 800K. We enjoyed downtown area with its great mix of ancient and contemporary buildings and churches.

Also, we saw the monument of Christopher Columbus, in whose honor this city is proudly bears its name. And of course visited Short North, which is the cultural and dining place to go. It has so many different painting on walls, cafes, restaurants that it’s hard to count.

Stars of my outfit here – Marion Parker loafer pumps and Parker Smith jeans. Simply adore this combo! I literally crossed Columbus in this shoes and denim and it feels like these pieces were made for stylish walking! I paired them with sleeveless cotton shirt and merino cardigan, you can find them all in ‘shop the post’ section.

painted walls short north columbus Ohio

While the city does have a lot to offer, make sure not to miss the natural wonders located just outside the city. Hocking Hills Park is situated in the Logan County, just some 57 miles southeast of Columbus. Our entire country is famous for its breathtaking nature sights, but this particular park had become famous not so long ago when a photographer discovered Corkscrew Falls in there. It literally looks like a special effect from an epic fantasy movie, only it’s real. It’s a bit hard to find, but with a little help from online resources and luck, you will surely be able to check it out, and it is well worth it!

On the other side, 52 miles northwest of Columbus, you will find King Crystal Caverns. Also known as the Ohio Caverns, – one of the largest cave formations in the country, full of bizarre stalactite and stalagmite formations. Btw,  most of which are still “alive.”

Once you have had enough of Columbus and its surroundings, you can move northeast to Mansfield which is home to Ohio State Reformatory. Some may think that it is a grim sight, but this historical prison has not been in operation since 1990. After that, it became a site for numerous music videos, TV shows, and movies, including the Academy Award nominee The Shawshank redemption (1994).


On the way to our last destination in Ohio, which is Cleveland, we’ve visited Marblehead Lighthouse, that is located 80 miles west of Cleveland. Marblehead Lighthouse Park – the home of no less than the oldest operating lighthouse (since 1822) on the United States side of the Great Lakes.

Having reached Lake Erie, you can use Cleveland as a base to explore this city, as well as its surroundings. For example, the famous Zoar’s historic village. This national historic landmark can to be found just some 73 miles south of Cleveland. Roughly 6-7 miles is the Holmes County – the perfect spot to submerge into the genuine Amish atmosphere.

Finally, 66 miles east of Cleveland, just along the coast of Lake Erie is Ashtabula County with its astounding concentration of covered bridges. I’ve counted 17 of them and even was lucky enough to record our drive through under almost half of them! Enjoy!

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