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This was a long, but nevertheless very interesting day. I’m very tired after a almost 10 hour drive, so will try to be short and just show you guys a small overview of what we saw and where we’ve been. Rocky green Tennessee changed to a picturesque Kentucky and I finally saw and visited places that I was looking at on my TV screen for a 6 amazing seasons almost 6 years ago. But first things first.

Pigeon Forge. Pure fun day

Our stay in Knoxville had a reason. Its close proximity to a Great Smoky Mountains makes it a convenient hub for travelers, looking for a real nature adventure. To us there is nothing better than travel. Wait, maybe there is one thing, travel in nature! Mountains, lakes, forests – all this makes my heart beats faster. I already showed you this beautiful place in my ANATOMIE post. What I did not mention, was a little city called Pigeon Forge. This real getaway mountain town is located in eastern part of Tennessee State and has so much to offer. Attractions like Dollywood, Titanic Museum, Crockett’s 1875 Breakfast Camp, Hatfield and McCoy dinery are just a few spots out there worth mentioning. In a nutshell, Pigeon Forge is just a fun place to visit on your way from and to somewhere, especially if you travel with family, kids gonna love it for sure!

Hidemycoat blog Crockett’s Pigeon Forge Hidemycoat blog Crockett’s Pigeon Forge

Tanya Litkovska Hidemycoat blog best places Pigeon Forge Tennessee

Tanya Litkovska Hidemycoat blog Titanic Museum Tennessee

Justified Harlan County.

On our way to Kentucky my eyes sparkled with anticipation when I finally saw a Harlan sign! I watched Justified tv series long time ago, in 2010, when was living in Ukraine. Justified is about old-school U.S. Marshal, who is reassigned from sunny Miami to his childhood home town in Eastern Kentucky. His wild west-style method of upholding justice is Justified by his believes and manners. Criminals, he hunts down respect and fear this sharp guy and shooter. This well written and professionally played series hold your attention right to the very end. You plunge headlong into the events on the screen, so after each episode you need more. Addictive, i know.. I even remember myself saying once, that one day, I’m gonna make it and visit this hilarious place. And it happened. The sign says it all!

Tanya Litkovska Hidemycoat blog Harlan County Justified tv series

Harlan was very atmospherically presented by scenarists and onscreen characters were brilliantly played by series stars Walton Goggins (Boyd Crowder) and Timothy Olyphant (Reylan Givens). It’s hard not to fell in love with their onscreen characters they portray, especially Boyd! And of course we drove by the police department building and even were lucky to spot the sheriffs car. What a day!

Tanya Litkovska Hidemycoat blog Harlan County Justified tv series Tanya Litkovska Hidemycoat blog Harlan County Justified tv series

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