Hi guys, so excited to finally share with you all some info about my upcoming HIDEMYCOAT EAST COAST TOUR 2017!

It took us so much time and effort to finalize and sort everything up, that I honestly consider this a GREAT achievement and want to thank everybody who helped us make it happen! Our trip starts from Florida on August 20th, and will take around 50 days. It will go up North through Toronto and Montreal and reach Nova Scotia. From there on a cool futuristic ferry we will get to Maine and will drive down back to Florida visiting almost all New England and Eastern States. Long story short – 18 States, 27 cities and 2 countries. In each State and area, we carefully picked the very best and the most scenic locations possible to visit and show, while bringing to your attention my favorite brands, luxury Hotels, attractions, wineries and nature’s hidden gems.

tanya litkovska hidemycoat blog east coast tour 2017

The tour aims to unite fashion and nature, by showing you guys my outfits in my rural luxury style. Because to me there is nothing more inspiring than travel and a human being.

So please stay tuned and check up my IG for new posts!

tanya litkovska hidemycoat blog east coast tour 2017

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