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I want to start my #EastCoastTour2017 blog post series from Miami, by showing you guys one of my favorite places – Coral Gables Art Museum. Located in the heart of Dade County, this place is a must to visit at least several times a year. Located just a few miles south-west of Miami proper, Coral Gables enjoys splendid geography and climate, making it one of the biggest tourist magnets in the area. There are over 130 venues for dining and hanging out, but if you happen to be there, of course, there are several must-see sights. Coral Gables Museum is proud to be one of them.

Coral Gables Museum and its History

Most of the Coral Gables Museum exhibitions are dedicated to what Coral Gables is all about in the eyes of the world – architecture and urban planning, environmental design, etc. Yet, the Museum is not self-absorbed. It enjoys cooperating with various partners and hosting extremely diverse exhibitions now and then.

In the year 2003, the City of Coral Gables has decided that the Old Police and Fire Station building should no longer stand without purpose and that it is the high time for the City to start a museum of its very own. To give these plans a shape and put them into fruition, the City has founded the non-commercial Coral Gables Museum Corp. The corporation put the historical site of the Old Police and Fire Station in the good hands of the architect Jorge Hernandez and Dooley Mack Constructors.

Everybody knows how seriously the people of Coral Gables treat their meticulous urban planning and environmental design. That’s why the plans of putting together a museum have suggested quite astounding amounts of work to be done. Nevertheless, in just some (roughly) seven years, the Coral Gables Museum has proudly opened its doors to the general public. Even the opening date has been picked with proper planning – on the 10th of October 2010 (10-10-10), and everything has been running smoothly ever since.

Naturally, it was important for the Police and Fire Station to be located in the very heart of the city so that it was easy to get from this location to any other part of the city and back. The museum has inherited this utterly convenient location, which was one of the reasons why the Coral Gables Museum was awarded the Official Visitor Center status back in 2013.

Getting There

Metrobus Routes 26 and 54 make stops not just somewhere near the Museum, but directly at its front door. You can also reach the Museum with the Coral Gables Ponce de Leon Trolley line, which has a stop at the Douglas Road Station which is only a block away from your destination. However, if you still happen to need some more reference points, those would be the Books & Books bookstore, the Consulate of Columbia or the Coral Gables Art Cinema.

If you, however, prefer your own wheel for traveling, Coral Gables Museum has to offer you a convenient parking garage at 250 Aragon Avenue, as well as the bike racks.

The Life and Art Of Denman Fink Exhibition

With such a convenient location, it is no wonder that Coral Gables Museum manages to attract all sorts of partners willing to have their exhibitions there. And the Museum is not shy to associate with a great deal of recognized names and celebrated brands.

Besides ongoing exhibitions that took my attention – The Life and Art of Denman Fink. Fink was an American artist and magazine illustrator. He designed all original entrances to Coral Gables, the original water tower in the shape of a light house, the Coral Gables City Hall, as well as the Venetian Pool in Coral Gables, which is listed in the National Register of Historical Places.

The exhibition is going till September 29, do now miss it!

I also truly like the architecture of the Museum’s building. One of my fav places (as well as yours, I guess) is the inside yard, where you can have a brake, read a book or follow the stairs to the roof of the building. Lovely view and is waiting for you over there, so check it out!

tanya litkovska hidemycoat blog coral gables museum Denman Fink

For my Coral Gables Art Museum visit I chose  one of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had – Marion Parke pumps. I brought this pair with me in Vegas, and wore them for 5 days! Truly, they fit just e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, and besides that, look how stylish they are!

tanya litkovska hidemycoat blog coral gables museum Denman Fink

tanya litkovska hidemycoat blog coral gables museum Denman Fink

I pair my Maison Parke shoes with Parker Smith jeans. They fit together even with these 5 letters. I believe I’ve already shown you this shark bite model on my Instagram. Check more looks here!

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tanya litkovska hidemycoat blog coral gables museum Denman Fink

One more talking point – Furla lion bag from Amazzone collection. I receive so many compliments about this crossbody! Everyone just in love with this lion! Furla clutch is very ‘busy’ and I love to keep it as a bright detail for my outfits. That’s why I chose black/denim shades here only.

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