Sometimes it’s enough to try one of Fragrance Group fragrances to feel the the festive and harmonious atmosphere of the Versailles court.
Layton by Parfums De Marly is pretty new fragrance. It was launched in 2016 and its base notes are guaiac wood, patchouli, sandalwood, cardamom, vanilla and pepper. Besides the top notes, Layton is about bergamot that leads with its tangy passion, while lavender and geranium blend into a fresh note, chic and chivalrous all at once.
Every time I try Layton, I feel the spirit of fragrances from the grandeur of the eighteenth century. It was the time of indisputed reign of King Louis the XVth. The best fragrances of all time were invented during this era by the king’s dedicated perfumer ‘Jean Fargeon’.
The King was decided to give to the Marly castle, built by Louis the XIV, more importance by dedicating it for the well-being of the horse.
As a fervent admirer of horses, Louis XV always tried to enhance horse qualities by cross breeding them. He was offered 8 Arabian horses by the King of Tunisia, ‘Bey de Tunis’. In 1743, in memory of his great-grandfather Louis XIV, Louis XV commissioned Guillaume Coustou to sculpt his famous masterpiece for the grounds of the Château de Marly.
This magnificent work of art, known as “The Marly Horses”, earned a place on the Champs Elysees Avenue in the heart of Paris in 1974, where it can still be admired today. The originals are conserved in Louvre Museum in a old court, named la Cour Marly (Marly court).

The Marly Horses

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