Let me start from the top. First of all, I guess I don’t have any other hat and scarf that could match my eyes more gorgeous way. SVITLE is one of those brands that knows everything about “your” color. Here are some more things I do love about this set: elongated hat design, knitted braid and the material. Made in Ukraine from wool and fine blends, these SVITLE hat and snood scarf play the game with GOODWIN SMITH blue leather shoes. Check more details about last ones in GOLDEN HEART AND BLUE SHOES ON story.

Woolen hat and snood scarf SVITLE  snood scarf SVITLE

Talking about outerwear, I found this robe style coat at QUAINT. The border of light pink and beige colors, woolen/cashmere blend and minimalistic but unique design are those points that make fashion more sustainable. By ameliorating the standards of the design industry, QUANT team is encouraging others to join the Slow Fashion Movement and not to give up aesthetics for ethics. Last detail of this #ootd – TAPATIA leather backpack, I’ve already shown it to you guys in my BETWEEN ELEPHANT ROCKS story.

Leather backpack TAPATIA and Woolen/cashmere coat QUAINT leather shoes GOODWIN SMITH Woolen hat and snood scarf SVITLE Woolen/cashmere coat QUAINT Woolen/cashmere coat QUAINT and Leather backpack TAPATIA

Woolen hat and snood scarf: SVITLE
Woolen/cashmere coat: QUAINT
Navy leather shoes: GOODWIN SMITH
Leather backpack: TAPATIA

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