Shoes. WINDSOR SMITH was established in 1946 as a men’s brand and first women’s line was introduced in 2009. I still can not find the answer to the question how all Australian women lived all these years without their WINDSOR SMITH’s? Here are two shoe models that will change your life:  CLAUDE leather heel with buckle fastening and DREE slip on mule with horse bit hardware.

Wide-waisted trench seems like a perfect fit to this ensemble. Nude color and classic cut are those things you always can mix with your basics. One of those basics – knit sleeveless top with split down front, that allows you to tie it up at the waist the way you like. One more thing – don’t forget to grab your ALLURE leather bag (please check EASY LINEN story to read more about the brand).

Knit top LIONESS Coat ZAFUL and black Bag ALLURE Coat ZAFUL Coat ZAFUL Coat ZAFUL and Shoes WINDSOR SMITH Knit top LIONESS and Coat ZAFUL Knit top LIONESS Bag ALLURE and black Shoes WINDSOR SMITH

Shoes (heels and slip on mule): WINDSOR SMITH 

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