Continuing the topic “Made in Ukraine”, today I want you to meet YANA BELYAEVA brand. This Odessa designer is obsessed with backpacks and this accessory is a brand’s business card. Creamy yellow color of backpack and two piece set caught my eye from a very beginning. Classic design of pants fits well with top’s asymmetrical lines. Backpack is made from a finest soft leather, that is super comfy to both wear and hold in hand.

On the right hand I have DANIEL WELLINGTON watch. 40mm size goes like a men’s model. I picked a Sheffield model in silver with black leather strap, because of a timeless design that proves that minimalistic piece is always a right and classic choice.

The last thing I want to tell you in today’s post – LUSASUL love bracelet and bloody heart necklace, that are both available to order at my friend’s from THE POMMIER online jewelry store. These pieces are made from Sterling Silver in Mexico. The truly inspiring thing is that none of the pieces uses a mold for manufacturing. The bracelet’s “through-the-body” form was achieved with many hours devoted to shape the material.

YANA BELYAEVA creamy yellow leather backpack and top&bottom set {here}
DANIEL WELLINGTON classic sheffield watches {here}
LUSASUL love bracelet {here} and bloody heart necklace {here}

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