San francisco bloggers Backpack outfit SF bloggers


My recent backpack collection just got bigger and I’m preparing my travel wardrobe to the upcoming San Francisco Bloggers meet-up. It’s a long and a bit exhausting six hour flight, but the level of euphoria that I already have  prior the upcoming West Coast trip is a much stronger motivator. Traveling back to California is always an exciting experience for me and I’m happy to show there my new backpack outfit, that should be a true showstopper! Most of SF bloggers that I know are girls of my age, so I thing we’ll have a great and loud weekend coming!

San francisco bloggers Backpack outfit SF bloggers


I love my new backpack outfit! Trying to be always on the edge of today’s trends and still look as a normal human being (cause you know, where are insane fashion ideas out there), I prefer working with everyday essentials. First, it’s useful to you guys and I’m glad you find my ideas of how I create my looks creative. Second, it’s just a useful fashion advice, which is always nice to have! This gray backpack outfit radiates summer and love. Made from soft to touch leather it’s practical, stylish and comfy. It easily stores all my essentials in one place and still is a trendy accessory, great combo right?

San francisco bloggers Backpack outfit SF bloggers

Lately I caught myself thinking that backpack outfit is so convenient when traveling, especially if your trip is just for a few days. There’s nothing worse having everything in your pockets and hands while going through TSA, you know what I’m saying ) So anyway, hope you guys like my idea of styling this backpack outfit for my next trip and make sure to check my next post form San Francisco adventures on blog!

San francisco bloggers Backpack outfit SF bloggers


Sunny days and Cali vibes brought me stylish outfit ideas for my San Francisco Bloggers meet-up. My Denim skirt below the knee with striped top are my go to choice and will fit perfectly for exploring the city, or a fancy branch. As for the color, deep blue makes it a good fit with a white top and I think will work to for a Painted Ladies park visit. We all agree that SF bloggers are so happy to live in such a picturesque, expressive and great to be in place such as city of San Francisco. Each street is an adventure and each corner opens a new chapter of your visit. I used to live in San Francisco for half a year or so and because of the weather decided to relocate to Miami. What I big mistake it was…

San francisco bloggers Backpack outfit SF bloggers

But anyways, back to San Francisco Bloggers meet-up and my backpack outfit. This gorgeous suede sandals just make my look complete and also are very comfy to wear. Basic color – brownish-red, but there is a yellow and gray suede “fringe”. I love to walk all day exploring the city when I travel, so for me walking comfort was also important. Happy to find a pair of shoes, that despite a high heel actually have something from a both worlds and are both stylish and comfy. It’s like having a small home run for me. So anyways, I hope my San Francisco Bloggers meeting will go smooth and easy, the only thing I do worry about is the weather ))

San francisco bloggers Backpack outfit SF bloggers San francisco bloggers Backpack outfit SF bloggers San francisco bloggers Backpack outfit SF bloggers San francisco bloggers Backpack outfit SF bloggers

Denim Skirt { here }
Fringe heels { here }
Backpack { here }

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