Keepsake dress, Chloe bracelet bag and Marion Parke shoes in boater hat outfit by California blogger Tanya Litkovska
March 17, 2018

My California blogger weekend started in sunny West Hollywood. Actually it’s not quite right, as it started at the LAX airport and long two hour traffic to the sunny West Hollywood, where our friend lives. I was invited to a gorgeous wedding party and wanted to show you guys seas of flowers and West Coast […]

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Beverly Hills blogger review for Berdoues Somei Yoshino and Berdoues perfume | 2018 perfumes & best floral perfumes
March 16, 2018

It’s been a hard day’s night, and I’ve been working like a dog.. Great song, talented composer and right to the point! Today we’re talking about best floral perfumes and scents that brought some 2018 perfumes popularity. When it comes to high end and niche perfumes brands I personally prefer Berdoues. Rich and motivational history […]

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Headband designer Tanya Litkovska wearing Samafaina vyshyvanka embroidered shirt, statement hair accessories | statement headbands
March 12, 2018

New and interesting things are happening right now on HIDEMYCOAT. I’m super excited to lift a curtain a bit for you guys. Your curiosity and questions are giving me so my support and help. I’m very grateful to all of you for that! First, I’m finally launching my own silk accessories brand, that will do […]

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SPRING OUTFIT 2018 from Most influential bloggers | Tanya Litkovska wears Joie sweater (cherry print sweater) and metal bag
March 9, 2018

 While driving to my meeting today, I was reading an auricle about most influential bloggers, who set the tendency of todays fashion and style. I know, this topic is way too subjective as what cute to one person can easily be a no go to another. But still it was interesting at least to see […]

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South Florida blogger Tanya Litkovska in Frank Eileen shirt and Gucci Sylvie Bag
March 7, 2018

When I was deciding where to shoot this gorgeous Frank Eileen shirt outfit, Palm Beach was the top choice. Every South Florida blogger should know how great linen clothes are. Not just because they are one of the best natural material ever, but because they help you deal with super hot and humid weather better […]

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Christian Louboutin Trouble in Heaven Parfum and beauty Christian Louboutin lipstick review
February 28, 2018

Let’s dive deep in the mysterious and sexy world of Christian Louboutin. Today I want to talk about and show you guys new scent for the woman, the magical Christian Louboutin Trouble in Heaven Parfum, that makes me smile and just be happy without a reason! Also I’ll show you my precious (no rings here […]

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