tanya litkovska in gilded hotel
October 31, 2017

Leaving the Massachusetts and its coastal attractions behind, we approached the Rhode Island. This proud New England State is very well known for its unbelievably beautiful sandy shores and seaside Colonial towns. One of them was our next point of destination. I’m talking about the city of Newport, which is most famous for its Gilded […]

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Hammond Castle Museum
October 29, 2017

As our East Coast Tour continues, we’re moving down the coast line visiting all the New England States. This time it was Massachusetts – a proud and the most populous New England State, known for it’s colonial charm and as the landing place of the Mayflower and the Pilgrims. We previously already visited Massachusetts State […]

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tanya litkovska willard intercontinental
October 25, 2017

Our friendship with IHG group started long time ago, when back in Ukraine we became friends with family operating the Intercontinental Hotel in Kiev. Later, for several years when traveled to Europe, we usually stayed at Intercontinental properties in most iconic European cities and every time it was wonderful experience. Today, Im happy to present […]

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tanya litkovska Kimpton George Hotel
October 20, 2017

Trip to Washington D.C. always was desirable and long awaited in our East Coast Tour for several reasons. This green city, with lots of parks, neoclassical monuments and historic attractions is also a US capital, decision & policy maker. In addition to that, it is home for the Capitol, United States Supreme Court and of course […]

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rockland visiting maine
October 18, 2017

Impressed by the natural beauty of the Maine State and after our several welcoming days in Portland we decided to explore this northern part of US further. While still visiting Maine we drove through it’s three coastal towns Bath, Rockland and Camden. Each with it’s own charm and attractions, they all are great examples of […]

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tanya litkovska parker smith jeans
October 16, 2017

After taking a super early (gates opened at 6.15am) ferry back to States from our beloved Nova Scotia, we’ve spent 6 hours without internet and cellular connection. Floating in cold waters for most part of the day gave us time to chat and play chess, that we both adore. Our port of destination was Portland […]

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